Boxing Day…

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday, the 26th of December is considered a holiday at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company. I’m scheduled to work today and I intend on working 10 hours at double time and a half. I really had better make up for the increase in monthly medical premiums this coming year. When the company started taking out premiums, it was 37.50 a check, now it’s 89 dollars a check. Now remember, they just bought Time Warner for 82,500,000,000 dollars and they can’t give us good medical insurance?

So it’s Boxing Day today, it has something to do with repackaging gifts and giving them to your house maids and servants. I wonder if the CEO  of T.W.L.T.C gives his maids and servants repacked gifts or slips them a 50 dollar Whole Food gift card to them? 

The CEO of TWLTC makes 41,000 dollars an hour as he flys around the world running his telecommunications and entertainment companies. He drinks coffee and smokes a big cigar and me well I hear that plane a coming and I hang my head and cry. Alright, I stole that last sentence from Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues but it’s so true… This too will pass

One thought on “Boxing Day…

  1. I understand. Our insurance is through the hospital Ron works at. I use to work there also. They are self insured and we have to use their hospital pharmacy and the hospital departments for tests. Still it costs us a lot of money. It goes up every year and the deductibles keep going up. Glad you could get the Over Time. Be well, make lots of money. Hugs

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