Only In Richmond…

“Have it your way at Burger King!” If I remember, that was their theme back in the 1980’s? I guess it hasn’t changed much since then, you can still have it your way. If you want some crack or OxyContin with your Whopper with cheese all you need to do is see one of the regulars lounging in the dining area. 

They sent me to the worst part of Richmond today and it being a holiday, all of my usual restaurants were closed. I had no choice but to pick up something fast at this dining establishment. I walked in and I first noticed not one of the tables had been bussed in days. Sleeping single men with all their belongings occupied most of the seating and of those who were wide awake seemed to be awake if you get my drift.

I walked up to the counter and Esmeralda, the manager, looked at me as if to say, “You aren’t DEA are you?!” I placed my order and she quickly said, “Quieres para llevar!” I replied, “No para aqui.” She looked to a man sitting at a near by table and got the nod that it was okay. Within a minute, I had my food. I looked at her and said, “To go. I changed my mind.” 

Meanwhile at another table, men were shaking the contents of prescription bottles into hands and cash was flowing. It didn’t take a DEA agent to know what’s going on there. I got my food and got the heck out of there as fast asI could. The non-uniformed guard in the expensive tennis shoes, a black parka and a blunt wished me well. This too will pass

15 thoughts on “Only In Richmond…

  1. I am sorry you went through this. I am lucky in my life that I either did not know of that element or was far removed from it. The closest I have ever been a couple moved in across the street from us. Grew weed, traded drugs, and had weird acting friends, they soon left. The guy next door use to use prostitutes, we think off craigslist, but we made it clear we wanted nothing to do with him, right after he disregarded our relationship, told us he was used to restroom sex and wanted to go have sex with us. He is really lucky Ron did not kill him, but Ron did help him out the house and down the steps and laid him gently on the lawn. Ron is a nice guy like that. The worse thing that has happened here is the weird couple across the street let a guy and girl stay in their house before they moved, the girl and her 5 year old son ended up hiding behind our home when the guy was trying to hurt her. Ron found them when I told him I could hear people out our bedroom window. We gave them a phone and let the woman call the police , but the man rushed up our carport and knocked her down. He started beating her. I am not the military man I once was but I can still remember my training. I went at him and lucky for me a few seconds of real resistance and he ran off. Then we had police at our house for the first and only time. Glad they all moved away. Feel really bad for that kid. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of making a life for himself. Hugs

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