What Is It Good For?

The Battle of Cannae was pretty horrific if you ask me. Tell me you remember that battle where 92,000 men were so willingly shed their blood? If you didn’t that’s okay, it really doesn’t matter anymore. It happened in 216BC during the Second Punic War, I didn’t even know there was a First Punic War. 

Then there was the Battle of Salsu, that happened during Goguryeo-Sui Wars where 300,000 died. I haven’t a clue where that battle took place, all I know is it happened in 612AD. Wow, for having that many die, it must have been quite an important issue. Let’s see, here’s another one…

In 1709, during The War of Spanish Succession at The Battle of Malpacquet, 95,000 died during that bloodbath. I’m not a history scholar thus I haven’t a clue what their beef was about but that’s a lot of dead combatants. Maybe I’ll skip to something more recent. 

Here’s one, The Battle of Borodino during The French Invasion of Russia. 95,000 men died there. We all know The French Army Grand got their come up-pens there yet I still don’t know why Napoleon even headed east. Does it even matter? I do know this, when it’s all said and done; what is it good for?  Absolutely nothing, Good God! This too will pass

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