They Say 2016 Was Tough…

It’s this time of year when the lists of famous people who have died comes out. Usually they tell us what they did or what they were a part of, “Steve R. played third sax for such and such group. Mary P. was acted in many daytime soap operas in the early 60’s.” Sometimes I’ll say to myself, “Oh I remember him.” Mostly I’ll be thinking, “I thought he died years ago?!”

David Bowie and Prince died this past year and so did Florence Henderson and that guy from the television show, The White Shadow. None of the four knew I existed and thus, with all sincerity, I couldn’t careless about their passing. I know it sounds terrible but it is what it is…

Now that Toonce has been diagnosed with lung cancer and he will eventually die from it, I’ll have a tear in my eye for days when it’s his time. He comforts me when I’m down and only asks for an occasional scratch behind the ears; well that and some cat yums… Don’t think I’m cold blooded about the other people’s deaths, I’m not. My friend Toonce C. Booncie USA friend of mine and I’ll miss his fur… This too will pass 

5 thoughts on “They Say 2016 Was Tough…

  1. I was shocked at just how many famous people died this year. I never liked Florence Henderson. I never watched the Brady bunch…because I didn’t like her.
    The death that bothered me the most was Theresa Saldana. She was attacked and almost killed by a stalker. He “loving” husband left her afterward….because she was “so damaged.”
    Some of the “oldies” like Arnold Palmer and John Glenn…let’s just say I know a few things about them….never have cared for them either.


  2. I am sorry to hear about Toonces medical condition. How old is he? When the time comes we will all grieve with you. I think the last gets harder as you get older. At least it has for me. Still the time I get to share with them is worth the pain. The memories last a lifetime. Hugs

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