Reporting For Duty Sir!

There is no sick bay at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company anymore; when my mother worked for Ma Bell, her manager would tell her to go up the in company medical office and rest. Now our managers call out to the crew, “Row well and live! We keep you alive to serve this ship!” I woke up at seven this morning after passing out on NyQuil last night.

Funny thing about NyQuil, they changed the horrible licorice taste  to a nasty smokey cherry flavor. I guzzled it directly out of the bottle. The next thing I remembered was Toonce clawing at my face meowing, “It’s light out. Didn’t you volunteer for two hours overtime?” I got up and took a shower to somehow wash the stench of death from me, fed my beloved ward and headed back down to the land of wonder what we call Oakland.

I arrived at the garage at exactly 9am thanks to the lack of traffic. Davy, the truck mechanic, passed by me bundled in a thick coat and greeted me, “You sick too?! Everyone else is.” I nodded, “Yes.” I walked into the manager’s office and said, “Please shoot me.” Marco replied, “I asked you the other day for you to finish me off and you refused.” We smiled. So here I am, they say if you keep moving you won’t die… I indeed on keeping moving. This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Reporting For Duty Sir!

  1. I am so sorry this got you also. I am feeling a lot better, though not 100% yet. I know so many people who came down with this. Also everyone seems to have slightly different symptoms. I wish you the best. Let me know how it went, and what you are going through and also how you are taking care of yourself. Wish I could help, I care. Hugs

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  2. I don’t know if I told you this but my first job was with Southern Bell. The minimum wage was .85 and they started me at $1.25 because I had never missed a day of school. I was an information operator…with a phone book in front of me. LOLOL
    Wash your hands…not to the point of OCD but you pick up all kinds of germs out there and then….you get sick. When I got outside, even if it’s to my mailbox, the first thing I do when I get back is wash my hands.
    Hope you get to feeling better. Keep a supply of vitamin C and Zinc. When you first feel a sign of being sick…start loading up on them. Zinc is in most cold and flu medicine anyway.
    It sure helps. 🙂

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