Tomas de Torquemada

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company must have hired the Spanish Inquisition’s Father Torquemada’s great great great great grandchild to oversee their attendance policy. It was exactly at 11:24am when I said to myself, “You’re getting sick and soon you will be worthless.” Meanwhile the guy I was sent out to help bailed on me because he was in the advanced stages of whatever is going around the garage. 

When I first started 36 years ago they said you could have a job for the rest of your life if you followed these three rules: 1. Be where you’re supposed to be. 2. Do what you’re supposed to be doing. 3. Don’t call in sick. Tomorrow, if I’m feeling worse I will be calling in sick. Everyone is sneezing, coughing and one guy passed out yesterday. The creeping crud and low blood sugar had him on the floor.

The CEO of TWLTC, or at least management wants a living bodies in their trucks. I knew I was sick when after an hour of not finding my dialtone, I realized I wasn’t at 1215 54th Street, I was at 1115 54th Street. No wonder I was having trouble…  I told my workmate of my mistake and he said, “That’s okay. You’re sick like me.” This too will pass

10 thoughts on “Tomas de Torquemada

  1. Yes the idea of forcing sick people to work spreads the problem to all workers. At the hospital we got personal time for hours worked. They could be used for vacation or sick days, stuff like that. We earned a lot of them. The longer you were there the more you earned. However if you called in sick you got written up. This was a hospital. We worked the ICU. Ron said this crud I have, so many here in the park have, that you and your co-workers have, is spreading among all the staff. Like your place people can’t function. But no one wants to call out sick and lose a point of the next raise, which happens if you get warnings or write ups. So go figure. We expect Ron to come down with it soon. He is wearing a mask at work, but still… Anyway. Please take care of yourself. You are important, and not just to your “most loyal cat”. Hugs


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