Exit BERG, Enter Jaka 

I awaken from my slumber at approximately 3:30am each morning, play my solitaire game, write a post and then feed my cat. Wait before you turn to someone else’s post, I then head south to Oakland California and you know you’re in Oakland when you see the multiple homeless encampments under the freeway overpasses. One such group is so bold that they painted a sheet of plywood with, “Homeless Lives Matter Too!” A tagger has added BERG to the placard proclaiming his existence. 

A few blocks past them is my company garage, a build covered in graffiti. It seems someone named “BERG” continually feels the need to mark his or her territory. The building people paint over artwork daily but BERG insists on retagging it. Even the door opening keypad has been tagged with a Sharpie pen, “Berg B Here!” I guess mom and dad never gave little Berg much attention as a child. 

After morning roll call, we jump in our trucks and turn onto 23rd street. At the corner of MLK and 23rd is a stop sign, evidently BERG own that sign too. Proceeding down MLK Blvd, to the right and to the left is BERG’s land. A good five miles from the garage, we leave BERG’s domain and enter JAKA’s area. JAKA must own Berkeley. God I love Oakland and Berkeley… This too will pass


2 thoughts on “Exit BERG, Enter Jaka 

  1. I never understood the need to deface, and vandalize things that don’t belong to you. I think it goes back to kids drawing on their notebooks and school books and they never grew out of the need. Sorry I know others think it is urban expression, but I call it urban blight. It is a crime, it is not uplifting. Getting paid to paint a mural on a building by it’s owner is uplifting and moral. As for painting over road signs that is simply dangerous and shows a complete disregard for the safety of others. Hope you feel better soon. Be well. Hugs


  2. Ha! One of Berg’s cousins must live in Appleton. I’m not completely anti-tagging, but don’t understand the need to claim random things by scrawling your name on them. Just seems like a three-year old screaming “MINE” to me.


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