2016 Go Away…

The last 364 days were lousy and it wasn’t all about the election of Donald Trump or the countless celebrities who passed away, it was the rest of the nutty things that happened in this mad mad world of ours. In a land far away we have an up and coming dictator who boasts he’s driven around on a motorcycle killing people. Presidente Rodrigo Duterte is that foul mouthed ignorant psychopath taking justice into his hands and be damned with civil liberties.

Let’s see, we have a bloody civil war in Syria where thousands of women and children are being systematically killed and zealots burning people alive in cages and what do we focus on? A former track star becoming a transgendered woman and her daily struggles being rich and being accepted.

Wait it gets worse, I know you haven’t noticed it but the ocean waters are rising ever so slightly and ships can now travel in the North Pole waters year round; oh and polar bears are drowning yet what are we told to focus on? What perfume will Taylor Swift be wearing at the next awards show and will Bob Dylan show up to receive his Nobel Prize.

Think about this, Americans have been dumbed down to a point where they would actually elect a man simply because he had a reality television show. The same man who said, “I like dumb people because they are easily led and you can tell them anything.” God have mercy in our souls… This too will pass

3 thoughts on “2016 Go Away…

  1. It’s a dire world we live in! There are people who want to change things for the better. Right now it seems like all the lunatics are out and in charge of the nut house. Trump took the lid off the chaos and the GOP, Christian fanatics, and Russians paved the way.

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  2. Sadly it seems the human mind can only absorb so much before it starts to overload. I feel that my mind can only comprehend things until my heart reaches a breaking point. I agree with RedHawk . I would say the dumbing down of America started decades ago with certain groups becoming vocal and strident about change in public schools, trying to force their rejected views on society. IF they did not get them they formed other schools, charter schools that got a waiver on the rules others had to follow while taking public money, and even home schooling their kids while trying to demand the public pay for that. I am talking about religious groups and hate groups. They want the world to stay as it was when they had automatic privileges and the only assumed power and rights. They want a past that happened to be very unfair to most others. That time has past. Their revenge we deal with today. It will take us decades to emerge from this, and by then the secular world will have passed us by. Hugs

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