Obama Is A Muslin…

This afternoon a man wearing a Red White and Blue shirt with Stars and Bars suspenders decided he needed to hold his handpainted sign on an Interstate 80 overpass this afternoon. The sign proclaimed,  “Hail Trump! Obama Is A Muslin!” I guess President Obama fooled us all, he wasn’t a Muslim but a loosely woven cotton material. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “Obama Is A Muslin…

  1. I have never understood that delusion. If President Obama was a muslim he is a really bad one. He drank, went to a christian church, he treated women with respect. I remember during the first Obama election these same racist critics complained about his christian church leader. So how do they reconcile two divergent facts they believe in their heads? Hugs

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  2. Where is the proof in making such a statement…as usual there is none. Trump is a buffoon, every time he opens his mouth, there’s the truth. proof.


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