Overtime Greed…

In all likelihood my greed for obtaining one of my biggest paychecks will do me in. I worked last Sunday at time and a half, then Monday for 11 hours at double time and a half, plus Tuesday and Wednesday for ten hours; well that brings me to today when I looked at the duty board and sure enough today I was scheduled off working this coming Saturday… I know it doesn’t make sense but winters are when we make the money…

I haven’t had a day off since the day I came back from San Diego. Yes I’m tired but I’m functioning with the help of DayQuil and nose sniffy spray… So all day tomorrow and Saturday will be double time and then I’m again required to work on New Years Day and the observed day after again at double time and a half. 

Rob worked so much overtime this last period, his paycheck was pretty good. Even though the Feds and California took out 5000 dollars he brought home a check of 7500 dollars. What blue collar job can you do that now-a-days? Even elevator technicians don’t haul that money in, they make more per hour but rarely do they get overtime. 

The only reason I’m mentioning any of this is because I’m slacking on writing. I drive-sleep-work-drive and sleep. I’ve caught myself sleeping in my truck which is a no-no. The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company doesn’t care why you slept in their truck only that you slept… This too will pass

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