This Bloody Tyrant Called Time…

It’s exactly 3:12am if you are living in California and the sun won’t rise here for another four and a half hours yet in London England someone is busy at work thinking about having a mid morning break and in Tokyo they are just finishing supper. Doesn’t anyone besides me find that amazing? Maybe I’m simple minded but time zones fascinate me.

Here’s a question, what would happen if due to some cosmic malfunction our planet began to spin in the reverse direction? Would we in California be ahead of New York? I know this sounds like the thinking of a madman but it’s  what the Upanishads call Maya, The Grand Illusion. 

The other day, I was hearing a discussion on NPR on how big the universe is and the guest said, “We believe the universe is 89 billion light years wide!” Let me ask you this, if an astronaut in a year’s mission floats around the earth 365 times does that mean he/she has lived 365 years? They saw 365 sunrises or sunsets? My belief that this is The Grand Illusion is no more wild than the professor thinking the universe is 89 billion light years wide… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “This Bloody Tyrant Called Time…

  1. While I won’t speculate what would happen is the earth was suddenly slammed into reverse, I would like to address the difference between orbiting the earth, and going across the universe. Your analogy is like circling your home or driving across town. Plus the universe is still expanding while the earth’s orbit is set and not changing. Have a great eve and as best a new year as you can. Hugs


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