Day Seven Without Someone I Loved…

Last night I got back to the RV and said to myself, “You’re alone here and he won’t be scratching at the door to be let in.” I suppose they will be calling me to pick up his remains in the next few days. I know this sounds weird but only a few beings have understood Juan Guerra and Toonce was one of them.

This morning, Ed extended his condolences for my loss and so did John, my supervisor. John came up to me and said, “Hey Big Guy, I know you were close to your cat. Sorry for your loss.” I remember when in 1991 my mother passed away, I was at work the very next day and when my father died, I didn’t skip a beat…

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company offer grievance leave but I know they would have approved this leave. This is the first time I would have actually used it… In five days I’ll be heading back to New Jersey to see my smiling baby boy and that alone is keeping me going… this too will pass

Steve Bannon? Is The Orange One Serious?

When I heard Trump had put this Neo-Nazi, and let’s just call him what he is, on the White House staff, I knew this would all end in disaster but now we know who is running the show and it isn’t Trump. You see, all Mr. Bannon must say to get his way is, you’re looking good Mr. President and he’ll have his pet narcissist eating right out of his hand. 

Steve Bannon isn’t a moron but he for sure is an anti-Semite. He had said to his ex-wife he didn’t want his kids around Jewish children because they whine too much. I’ve had four children and guess what, all tired children whine. Wait, there’s more to Mr. Bannon. He was a leader of the Alt-Right Movement which White Supremisist Leader David Duke said of him, “Finally, a man who holds our values to his heart!” 

The question is, will Mr. Bannon be Trump’s Martin Bormann? We can only wait and see. At some point Bannon might be tried in absentia for crimes against humanity. When things got started in 1933, I’m sure Mr. Bormann never thought he would be running for his life like a filthy little rata he was. It’s not going to pass fast enough but it will pass

Running or Facing It…

I could have easily stayed where I slept last night, Best Western gave me a real nice room for being a Diamond Select Member. I helped someone who needed help earlier in the year by putting them up at a Best Western and just maybe cosmic payback gave me a place to stay when I needed it. 

I drove down the steep gravel road to the RV, I had turned all the lights off to conserve Rob’s power usage and now that Toonce is no longer here, it doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t mind showing up to a dark cave, I had left the lights on for my friend. As I opened the door a scent of putrid cat yums and a slightly used litter filled my nose. Five days of yums rotting in a bowl doesn’t smell pleasant. 

I called out to Toonce, “I miss your face buddy!” The silence was deafening. In a few days they will call me to retrieve Mr. Toonce’s ashes. I will then let them come to where he liked to be, here at The Firewood Temple. I was telling Rob, “You know I can’t wait to start cutting firewood. Toonce used to watch me silently yet keep me company. What a good friend Tooncie was! This too will pass


If they had resisted in Germany 1934, 50,000,000 people would have lived full lives but they didn’t. I’m sure there were calls for giving the new chancellor a chance for he had promised to fix the roads and lower the unemployment rates. Even some Jewish citizens thought what he was doing way acceptable and he would mellow out, he didn’t.

I find it interesting how this narcissistic president thinks he’s a king and he can make proclamations. Mr. Trump was said to have read Adolf Hitler’s book of speeches and kept the book by his bedside in the 1980’s. I wonder if he remembers how that whole mess turned out..? We must fight this soon to be dictator every chance we get. This too will pass

I Just Couldn’t Do It…

So here I am at a Best Western on the Oakland Warerfront. Yes the plane landed on time and yes I picked up my car at the company garage but I just couldn’t drive up north to the RV. I called Rob and told him I was going to stay at a motel because I just couldn’t do it.

Thankfully I have a lot of points with the Best Western hotel chain so it didn’t cost me anything. The truth is I just can’t see his bowls and liter box. I know I need to get over it but he was my friend. This too will pass

Opera and Class…

Meryl Streep deserves an Academy Award for her portrayal of Florence Foster Jenkins and come to think of it, so does Hugh Grant as her loyal assistant. This movie had everything I enjoy. What this movie doesn’t have is explosions, killing and breasts. I won’t ruin the story for you but it’s about one woman’s love of music… Let’s just leave it at that.

Florence Foster Jenkins was a socialite who helped keep the New York Opera solvent in the early 20th Century in turn, the New York music world overlooked her inability to sing. There are a few scenes that are truly classic, one is when the young piano player realizes she can’t sing. Just the look in his face is truly memorable.

Hugh Grant, St Clair, was her somewhat faithful assistant who sticks by her thru thick and thin. Here’s something interesting, potato salad was a big deal in the early 20th Century, it was served at her elegant dinners from golden bowls after being made in a pink bathtub in her mansion… If you’re looking for violence and sex, this one isn’t for you: if you want witty dialogue and characters you care about don’t miss this one. 

As the movie proceeds, you get an insight into a woman living in her own reality. My God, as it goes on, it gets better. Maybe her reality was mis-shapedq by her mis-treated disease of her youth. I guess I’m a nerd or something because I knew all of the operatic songs she sang… This too will pass

8640 Minutes Till I See His Face…

Hunter’s smiling face is the only thing that gives me any joy lately and now I get to go back to a dark RV out in the woods… Mr. Toonce lived to fourteen years old and he lived a happy life. He really was never sick, unless you count the time he got songbird fever with that weird cough. Oh he did get bit by that bad dog and chased up the tree at the RV park but other than that, his life was uneventful…

He used to smile at every joke I made; wait cats always look as if they are smiling… When M. and Tashi broke down upon hearing of Toonce’s passing by phone, Pippi Toonce’s sister, looked quite sad 45 miles to the south. Pippi his wire tailed sister came from the same litter. If it hadn’t been for M., they both would have been sent to the SPCA thirteen years ago.

It was Tashi who came up with Tooncie Booncie Baby Boo Boos when she was young. I believe it came from an early episode of Spongebob Squarepants… The thing was, he was good natured unless you were a bird. The incident with Blake The Rooster turned him into a bird killing machine.

Tooncie put his paw into Blake’s cage and found out roosters bite. From then on he stayed clear of bigger birds and went after smaller distant bird cousins… Well, it’s almost time to board. This too will pass

I Do Not Want To Go Back…

I loved this cat! Who has ever heard of a cat being loyal but there he was. I return the rental car at 1:30 and take off at 4:15pm today. When I showed up on Thursday morning, Hunter smiled and clapped his hands with joy when he saw me… I swear, that got me thru the rest of the day.

Hopefully tomorrow The World’s Biggest Telecommunications Company will still let us start at 7am, four hours before our shift. That will take my mind off of my little buddy. At some point I need to remove his litter box and bowls but I think I would break down if I look at them. 

Next Saturday night I head back here for eight days of helping them get settled along with Chris’s mom. She can’t stand my humor and thinks everything I say and do isn’t funny. “If I hear, “What’s wrong with you? It’s not funny asking Babies-R-Us employee for Baby Taser by Graco. Grow up” 

I tell her, “My mother says I was funny and all the women at church thought I was handsome too! Are you saying my mother was lying?” She might be right, I’m not funny… This too will pass

Priming and Painting…

This wall took two coats of primer/sealer. The last owner thought a bright red wall would accent the pink room. People watch these home improvement shows and try to copy what they see. Someone once told me, “If you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t do it.” 

I worked on the place from 6am till 7pm and now I’m totally tired. The little family is moving tomorrow out of their apartment. Hunter knows something is happening! I don’t want to head back West tomorrow… I miss my furry friend.

This too better pass

Hunter’s New Home…

California is so different than  Jersey, I walked into a family run hardware store looking for ceiling paint and walked out with a snow shovel and this stuff you sprinkle on your driveway and it melts the ice. Winter is no time to be here, all day the news people were saying we were having “a warm January” and there I was freezing.

Today’s activities took my mind off my four legged friend. I just can’t write about him without getting tears in my eyes. He was a loyal friend who actually cared about me as much as a cat could. this too will pass