A Section Failure…

Without getting too technical, this is a splicers nightmare. All afternoon Mr. “Sex-appeal”Secapure and I tracked down why all the phone and internet service on one block of Solano Avenue was dead. Our meters and calculations brought us to this sidewalk box. A true moron had left the case open and water had shorted everything out. 

One good thing about the job was the sidewalk box happened to be in front of a Peet’s Coffee and the store manager came out and offered us a hot drink, we both accepted the offer. Unfortunately the water had been sucked into the cable by wicking action and thus the cable will need to be replaced by our construction crew. 

At least there was no need to enter a manhole or block any streets and we were thankful for that. We rode out this job till quiting time. Both of us were totally spent. This too will pass

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