The Most Depressing Place Bar None…

I’ve said to myself repeatedly, “Can’t you wait rather than eating there. You know you hate it there.” I listened to my stomach. I pulled up to the corner of University and Shattuck, placed my orange cones out and jay walked across busy Shattuck. I figured if I didn’t get something in my stomach, it might be a while.

The woman behind the counter was running on auto-pilot, I asked for a number two meal and she replied, “A number one. Right?” I replied, “No a number two.” It was just about at that time the security guard was escorting a homeless man off the premises after he attempted to fill a cup at the beverage dispenser. The guard didn’t want to hear the man’s pleas for water nor did he care. I sat down at a grimy table which had been recently cleaned a few days ago, to enjoy my lavish feast.

Looking across the table towards the lost and forelorned individuals sitting in their silence and it got me to thinking, “I wonder if any of them ever thought they would be wasting their lives away at a McDonalds on a Monday afternoon.” I quickly reminded myself, “Wait, You’re sitting a McDonalds on a Monday afternoon so how are you any better?” This too will pass

2 thoughts on “The Most Depressing Place Bar None…

  1. Buddha says: ‘Stay away, you foolish stomach! You will pay the price of distraction and possibly worse. Down the block was “Subway”.’


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