I Know A Lot About Hacking?

Your soon to be President won’t admit that Vladimir Putin’s buddies had anything to do with the hacking of the DNC last year. Sure all three intelligence agencies have come to the conclusion that the Russians did do it but The Orange One says that if Putin says he didn’t do it, it must be true… This would be funny if it wasn’t so terribly scary. We have a moronic leader who sides with the former KGB head over our intelligence agencies.

It’s quite apparent that The Orange Stalin has a deep seated need to be liked but by everyone but does he need to be liked by the head of the country that wanted to “bury” us. You remember the guy who took off his wing tipped shoe in the early 60’s and started pounding it on the UN lecturn. If this sort of behavior of Mr. Trump had happened in the 60’s, he would have been in Leavenworth Federal Prison looking at a life sentence.

Something is incredibly wrong here and the masses are either too dumbed down or plain stupid to see it. I swear if I see that Kellyanne Conway out there defending his actions or Tweets one more time, I’ll take chop sticks and rupture my eardrums. I wonder at what point his less blinded supporters will realize the king has no clothes..? This too will pass not soon enough

4 thoughts on “I Know A Lot About Hacking?

  1. I simply can not listen to Conway when she is on TV. I get too angry. I hate that she just makes stuff up, that she lies, that she can deny what really happened and she gets away with all of it. No consequence at all for any of it. When she is not lying and denying fact she is trying to divert attention from what her boss is doing by blaming everyone else. I remember the Vice Pres Elect smugly outright denying tRump said or did the things tRump in fact did do, during the Vice Presidential debate. I wonder if Conway taught him that trick.

    As for the people waking up and seeing this, I have no hope. It was clearly noted and remarked on during the election. The tRump supporters did not care. They willingly choose to believe the lies, the denials, to refuse to listen to facts. Their own best interests were the things Hillary Clinton was proposing. She had the plans to help them, fix their problems. The economy was improving greatly but tRump supporters denied this fact. The amount of jobs being created was steadily going up each year but tRump supporters denied this fact. There are far more examples. So to hope they will suddenly awaken from the stupidity they live in is not likely at all. Be well. Hugs


  2. I hoping that if the Repubs have more days like today….where they tried to get rid of the House Ethics Committee and the outcry was so strong that they had to reinstate it, in less than 24 hours, eventually they will see that if they want to keep their own jobs, they will need to impeach the asshole.

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