T-Bone, Mr. “Sex-Appeal”and The Raider Lovers…

Now that my 1pm to 9pm shift was dissolved, there are only two shifts  at our garage: the 7:30 to 4 shift and the 11 to 7:30 shift. Rarely do I get to see the morning guys and in turn the morning guys rarely see me. There are many more characters on the day shift than on my crew. The day shift has Leslie H., she is one of the last female technicians in this job title. I don’t think I’ve ever said more than one word to her, she scares me. She is a hoarder or so they say and the nooks and crannies of the garage is packed with stuff she has found but enough about her.

T-Bone is a tall brother who drives a expensive Mercedes Benz and if you didn’t know him, he looks a bit shifty but when you get to know him, he’s quite intelligent and wise. He owns a lot property in the Bay Area and in The South. The other day we met up at a job and we discussed dualism vs. monotheism and how it relates to fixing phone lines. 

 Mr. “Sex-Appeal” Secapure is an always smiling Filipino man in his early fifties. When he started twenty-five years ago, his supervisor couldn’t or wouldn’t pronounce his name correctly so he said, “I’ll just call you sex-appeal!” Times were different then… He’s always asking me to go to the Philippines with but I have no interest what’s so ever…

Then there’s the gentlemen I call, “The Raider Lovers.” These are the guys who have had season tickets for The  Oakland Raiders since they wear their Silver and Black keychains and hats with pride. I tease them by saying, “How’s The Silver and Lack doing?” These fellows still hate The Pittsburgh Steelers for the famous Immaculate Reception pass back in the 70’s that cost them a trip to the Super Bowl. Well there you have it, these are my coworkers. Now off to work I go… This too will pass

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