Toonce’s Tales…

Mr. Toonce was happy to have me around today. I left him in today because it’s raining hard and he wouldn’t be happy soaked. After I went to the bank and got my prescription, I bought cat box sand and yums… In my rubber boots and rain gear I buried the contents and freshened up his commode. I said to him, “If you had thumbs you’d do the same.” Not really, he’s a cat. I know what a thing to write about…

Anyway, I took today off because I am totally spent physically. I’m so tired, I haven’t the will to drive down to Sonoma and sit at a Peet’s or Starbucks. It doesn’t matter because Tooncie would rather have me here or so he purrs. Alright, scratching the itchy spots on his head might be why he’s purring but he likes me around. 

Earlier today, he went for the door and I called out to him, “I can’t let you out in that rain with your compromised lungs.” My screen door material paid the price for me saying that. I yelled, “Stop it please! Don’t you understand it’s pouring out there?” I got up and opened the door and he turned around and made his way for his cat box. He meowed, “Good job on the box.” This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Toonce’s Tales…

  1. Haha! šŸ™‚ Tooncie Booncie must be happy with his fresh supply of yums! I’m sure he was delighted to have you around for the day. Hopefully you’ll have the energy to get to Peet’s or Starbucks tomorrow. Glad you rested up.


  2. Our Old fellow Milo is very bossy. But he is devoted to me. At night he will sleep on my pillow curled against my head, on the pillow curled up to my shoulder and face, or on my out stretched arm. In the morning I normally read and that is his “lay on my shoulder and chest and pretend to also read the IPad also time.” As you say they make you aware of what they like. And they always think they are the boss. šŸ™‚ Hugs


  3. You need to stay home more often and snuggle with Toonce. He’s such a sweet baby and he likes it when you’re there. So tell your boss that you have more important things to do, like pet your cat, and that you’ll be working fewer hours:) Meow to Toonce.


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