Letting The Toonce Out Of The Bag…

In a few days from now, I’ll be signing closing papers on a house in Clifton New Jersey. I didn’t want to say anything till it was more or less set in stone but on the 26th of January, I will once again be a homeowner. I know what you’re thinking, “I thought he sold the other place and bought an RV just to not be a homeowner?” 

I bought a place where Hunter could grow up rather than being in a roach infested apartment complex in Newark. All night and I mean all night, the neighbors play their music and screams of violence were commonplace sounds. My little family deserve better and maybe later when I’m older, I can have a place to stay rather than living out of a motel. Who knows, I might spend a Fall or a Spring there, avoiding the bone chilling winters and boiling hot summers?  

Chris turned out to be the best father there could be and I’m doing my best to help him. The truth was, I was no father to him, there I said it. He and I are starting to have relationship we should have had when he was growing up… This too will pass

11 thoughts on “Letting The Toonce Out Of The Bag…

  1. You are a wonderful man and a grand person. To love others enough to do such as this for them shows a lot about you. You Seem to be full of love and care for others. Hugs


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