Three Pounds of Air…

I was told to relief these guys who had been on this cable failure all night. The next 11 hours will consist of me handing tools down the hole, trying to stay warm and not getting run over. I’d rather be doing this than being down there and it pays the same. The funny thing about this failure was it could have been averted. At a manhole down the road someone opened a splice case which caused the air pressure in our splice case to drop letting water enter. It doesn’t make sense but it does. 

These fiber loops are the way of the future but the old cable we are working on still is the backbone of The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Three Pounds of Air…

  1. Sounds like lots of new tech is operating on old systems. Makes no sense at all. Maybe the DNC had the same problem. Spliced in by the Russians and Wikeleak. I wonder what operating system PG & E has, given they’ve had some horrible explosions. What about the hospitals we depend upon to save lives? When I was at Alta Bates getting a stent, I was told I didn’t need to bring my CPAP machine with me. Big mistake. The hospital provided a machine about 3 feet wide and 6 feet high, like a dinosaur brought out from their archives. But, it’s not just tech systems, it’s human systems too that operating on old thinking. The tech in the hospital argued with me about the calibration of the machine. She would not calibrate it according to my prescription. Woke on and off all during the night because I was not getting enough air, till finally, I pulled the plug at 3 am and walked the halls. The story doesn’t end there, but it will here. The trouble, Juan, with “this too will pass” is that it will pass but at what expense?

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