Vik’s South Indian Fire…

After writing this morning’s post about my trip to India many moons ago, I decided to have Indian food for lunch. I happened to have a job in the flat lands of Berkeley so I hit Vik’s for lunch. Vik’s is a South Indian eatery and market. The menu consists of some not so usual Indian foods. The menu says, “Papadums like mother used to make!” 

Vik’s is an experience where you order your food at the cashier station and from a counter a man on a scratch microphone calls out your name. The problem is, he can’t pronounce anyone’s name other than Hindi names. It took me a while to get my food because he called out, “Jew Anne Jew Anne!” They don’t give out numbers so his pronunciation is vital for getting your food. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Vik’s South Indian Fire…

  1. UGH. Did you suggest they switch to numbers instead of mispronounced names? It’s like the Chinese guy on one of the SF buses who called out street names, but no one on the bus could understand what he was calling out. UGH again.


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