I Feel Things…

They say Pisceans can feel other people’s pain and suffering. Many a time have I had dreams and later someone says, “Oh I was in a bad way a few weeks ago.” I got the call and the moment I saw the 619 number, I knew it was Matt. After the usual instructions and warnings, there he was.

“Hey dad, it’s me Matt.” As if I have multiple people I know behind bars in San Diego. “Matt, why haven’t we heard from you in almost four weeks?” His answer was how he had been in a fight and he’s being kept to himself. “I told you to keep your comments to yourself.” He probably told one of he fellow cellmates he liked his mother’s breasts not for their shape or size but they gave him life. That doesn’t go over well you know.

After three minutes and his request to put money on the books, I heard a deep voice say, “Ok, times up. Hang up!” I guess he had to comply. That leads me to believe he’s in administration segregation for his own well being.  The other night I told you how I had that dream about him, was it a call out to The Cosmic Consciousness? I haven’t a clue. I do know this, this too will pass

2 thoughts on “I Feel Things…

  1. I am sorry for your pain. You hold up well under this strain. I have not heard anyone mention the collective consciousness in a very long time. May your dreams be sweeter and unencumbered. Hugs


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