Our Past…

The cable we repaired last night was placed in 1932 by guys like us. Mike P. called up to me, “Come down here and check this out!” I climbed down and there it was; someone had etched in the the old brick and mortared wall their intials and quote, “C.T-Ma Bell seeya in 45!” The rest of the night I wondered if C.T had made it to retirement. 

My two colleagues and I spent the night repairing something he did 85 years ago. C.T had no high tech water pumps nor air blowers, he had no sealents nor plastic resins to make his life easier. C.T had the element lead yet he was able to create a splice case that lasted all this time under 20 feet of water. 

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company got their money out of Mr. C.T’s talent. I’m amazed how it lasted this long but back then it was all about Bell System quality, now it’s about cost effectiveness… Here’s to you C.T, you did a great job And I hope you had a great retirement and you lived for years after your last day at Ma Bell’s… This too will pass

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