Rain and More Rain…

The weather people are expecting 7 more inches of rain in Sonoma Valley. The flash food warnings have been extended till 2 pm today. Even Toonce meowed this morning, “I’m not even asking to go outside thank you.” It’s all good for this is the time we maintainence people make our overtime. 

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company will without fail declare a state of emergency in Northern California due to the rain not stopping. They just told us to be ready to be forced to work twelve hour days. Rob and I will at this pace be on double time by Wednesday. This will make up for the countless 80 hour paychecks with no overtime…

Don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine working as long as on the 25th I get to fly and see my sweet Hunter and family. I have come to be in tune with the rain and even when it’s pouring, I just become one with the rain… This too will pass

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