These Must Be Raindrops… Falling From My Eyes

I opened the door for my little buddy and he just stood there and meowed, “I’m not going out there!” He turned around and used his cat box. It looks as if The Great California Drought is over and within 25 years we will really start to see how we are drowning our Mother Earth. If you’re a climate denier you might as well move on to another blog of cats or whimsical stories…

The oceans levels are rising and I find it ironic how they suddenly are mentioning King Tides lately; as if the moon is totally at fault for the flooded roads near the bays and low lands. The problem is, the ice caps are melting and just yesterday it was reported an iceberg the size of Delaware is about to break off one of the poles. Don’t worry, it will melt when it hits the warm waters of the oceans. A quarter inch of added water to the oceans is minimal. Did I mention Taylor Swift wore the most stunning dress at the last awards ceremony? Now that’s some important news.

Anyway, it’s raining hard here and I had better get used to it because as more and more carbon dioxide gets into our atmosphere, the earth’s temps will rise and more melting will occur. It’s a vicious circle, slowly but surely we are drowning ourselves. I find it interesting that the Port of Oakland built this massive shipping facility to withstand the eventual sea level rise but in their master plan there was a facility to send more coal to China. Thankfully, that plan was nixed over coal dust concerned. It doesn’t take a Phd to know coal burning causes more CO2 in the atmosphere, you’re smart you get the connection. 

Here’s what we should be focusing on, J. Lo is now dating someone else and Justin Bieber bought himself a monkey. If you are worried about them drowning don’t; they’ll just move to their villas in the mountains outside of Vail Colorado. The rest of us, well I don’t own any beach front property so it won’t affect me much other than me having to clean the cat box more often…This too will pass

3 thoughts on “These Must Be Raindrops… Falling From My Eyes

  1. ‘And the beat goes on.” I once read a novel about Hawaii and part of the sci fi story was the demise of California, Nevada, Utah under way. The new coast line was at Colorado. Not seeming so sci fi right now. Not so sure that Little Bieber and the other monkey J Lo will be safe in the mountains either. Amazing how the news continues with the celebrities as our government goes down the fascist road they are paving. Any one want to buy an orangutan (though he bites and spits)?

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