What A Difference An Initial Makes…

My lawyer for the purchase of the house sent me a nice cheery email asking me if any of the following fifteen pages of judgements were mine. She explained that the title company checks the lien and judgement records of New Jersey to see if a buyer has liens against them. I glanced thru them and saw that of course none of them were mine…

Most of the list consisted of child support demands and alimony requests. Mr. Juan E. was a busy man in his hay days. Multiple women are looking for him and it looks as if he’s fathered many a child. There was a Juan C. but he was born in 1971 with a totally different social security number. 

Trust me when I say this, few men have my middle name and it wasn’t Montezuma. My father thought it would be cool to name me after an Aztec king of long ago. He might as well of named me Sue., my middle name has a couple of u’s in it and a ‘ over the third consonant… Anyway, this was just another hurdle in buying that house… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “What A Difference An Initial Makes…

  1. There is so much identity theft today that it is hard to get a background check done without several times having to go back and say no this wasn’t me. I know a guy wanted to move into the park I live in, across the street from me. He was refused permission to move into the park because the background check showed some one with his name was accused of murder in another state. Even though all the other identifiers were different and he could prove he was not in that other state at the time, they still refused him because they couldn’t be sure he was not the one accused of murder. What is the world coming too.
    I pulled my credit report a few years ago and found a lot of errors, things I was said to have defaulted on. I proved I was not the one who defaulted nor had I bought those items. It took time and effort but I got it cleared up. Hugs


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