It’s Come To This…

I hadn’t been to a movie in quite sometime due to my working the evening shift. T. M. and I sat down and the moment I started to see the upcoming movies, I knew we were in for a moronic ride of explosions, loud noises and breasts. The first preview dealt with a super hero who saves the world. Don’t they all? He loses the use of his hands and somehow is transformed into fighter of inequity. Scary looking bad guys with extremely witty dialogue. 

The next preview involved a Hispanic looking woman who attempts to save the British at The Somme during World War I. Of course,  she has big breasts and wore tight fitting outfits. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the battles of The War to End All Wars and I don’t remember seeing a woman on the front lines let alone a woman batting away German machine bullets. I must have missed that or the historians never mentioned it…

Maybe I’m starting to be a curmudgeon and cranky but I guess movie producers have decided we, the audience, can now only handle movies that have explosions, big breasts and tough guy dialogue. Personally, I can’t stand movies that rewrite history. Oh did I mention I hated Martin Scorsese’s Silence. I prayed to God to put an end to this 195 minute movie and all I heard was silence. (Shhhh! If you see the movie, you’ll get what I’m saying) This too will pass

One thought on “It’s Come To This…

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman. Finally a female LEAD who is tough and does what she wants to do. She was in the Fast and Furious films, by the way. I love those. Chris Pine is going to be in Wonder Woman and I like him too but he’ll always be Jim Kirk to me. I hope the film is good. I’m definitely going to see it. Haven’t seen anything fabulous in quite some time.


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