It’s Raining Alright…

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company just told us that we will be forced to work a minimum of 12 hour a day until further notice. Californians started to get used to having barely any rain during the rainy months, well the flood gates are now wide open.  

Management has gone ahead and offered technicians from the Southeast region of the country a fully paid vacation to sunny California provided they also work twelve hours everyday. Okay so it’s not a vacation but it beats working in the freezing cold suburbs of Atlanta. They’ll get two jobs done a day and get California wages which are higher than where they are. 

They’re expecting much more rain tomorrow starting up in Sonoma. The Russian River is flooding once again as is the Napa River. This morning, we noticed the highway closed signs at 121 and 116 south of  Sonoma proper. It always floods there and it’s a sight to see cows standing in knee deep water in their fields. Everyone was so worried about our drought, now they are praying for the rain to stop. Go figure… This too will pass

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