Rain Rain Rain…

My furred friend has been stuck in this RV for days now. Late last night I showed up during a pretty heavy downpour and there to greet me at the door was Mr. Toonce. I asked him, “How was your day buddy?” He meowed. I left the door open and told him, ” You’re a smart cat. You don’t want to go out there. How about a can of cat yums.” He meowed.

The RV isn’t going anywhere until the road dries up and that might be three weeks from when it stops raining, maybe even longer. The rain is starting to drive me mad. I enjoy the pitter patter on the roof but when you can’t hear yourself think, that’s too much rain.

 I finished my last job around 5:45 last night and then I sat in my truck until it was time to go in. The drive back north was uneventful and dark. Pacific Gas and Electric is desperately trying to keep our lights on up here. I saw a convoy of boom trucks heading up The 101 into Sonoma; why can’t The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company do the same. I’m not jealous, okay I am… This too will pass

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