After seeing Martin Scorsese’s movie Silence, I wanted to go out into the lobby of The Sundance Kabuki Cinema and commit honorable sepuku with a sharp Tanto because I felt shame for wasting money on this dreck… The only reason I didn’t commit suicide today was because it was  discounted six dollar ticket day. 

Two young freaky looking Jesuit priests in the 1600’s go searching for a lost mentor priest in feudal Japan. The whole premise is, the Japanese didn’t approve of Christianity but somehow they made it onto an island and it goes down from there. First of all, the so called peasants who were secretly Christians could easily be identified by their bad teeth, dirty hair and filthy clothes… Secondly, Scorsese felt the need to show us horrendous 16th Century methods of killing the condemned. What else would wake up a sleeping audience than a decapitation or burying a person head first?

Oh I forgot, the so called Japanese Grand Inquisitior was a high pitched man who sounded like Paul Lynne or Roger the space alien of American Dad. If you want to waste your money and see how Christians were persecuted by feudal shoguns in 1600’s, bring a friend so he can lop off your head right after you thrust a blade in your stomach… This too will pass

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