We Are In A State of Emergency…

I was forced to start at 7am this morning and 14 hours later I ended my shift. Let’s see what happened that was fun. A storm drain burst from the heavy rain and filled our cable vault with thousands of gallons of water. Right as my pump was finally making some headway, it started to rain again which stopped any progress I had made in pumping out the vault…

A man in an expensive car then stopped by where I was working and started to complain about his phone service. I told him that as soon as I could stop the water, I would be able to solve the problem. He said, “If you can’t do it within 30 minutes I’ll go to Sonic!” I wanted to tell him that Sonic uses our wire and cable but I didn’t have the heart.

As I got back to the garage at 9pm, all the managers were moaning the fact that they have been ordered to stay until every last technician is back at the garage. Too bad for them. We will be forced to work till the temporary out of area technicians show up. At least since they called us in early, it’s time and a half all day until you  reach double time. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “We Are In A State of Emergency…

  1. Just like the big corporations to care only about what inconveniences THEM. No thought for the workers out there in all kinds of weather struggling to fix things. I’m sorry you had to work so ling in this pawful weather.

    But there ARE some who really appurreciation all your efforts! 😿

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  2. My wife and I were watching the news last night about the storm there (we used to live in Fresno, so CA news is important to us). I told her about your blog. She’s now reading it! Hang in there, stay safe, and invest the extra money for a rainy day. – Marty

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