Can’t See Straight…

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is allowing all the overtime you want. Yesterday it was 14 hour day and today we’re looking at another 14 hour day. The Sierras have had 300 inches of snow over the last few weeks and the news is saying the drought is over…

Faithful Toonce waits for me to show up every night and tonight it will be another late one. By us starting three hours before our 11am shift, we are on time and a half until we hit double time… Don’t worry the IRS will get their share, they always do. 

For the past few days Rob and I have had to take a round about detour due to flooding on Highway 37. There is no estimated time of reopening thus we have to take the congested 80 route and the thing is, everything is covered with water: terminals, splice cases and manholes. My sump pump is working overtime too. Thankfully the crew’s from the southern states will be showing up shortly, not soon enough for me…This too will pass

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