Now I’m Quite Cranky!

Today was payday and a lot of my workers along with me shouted out in protest The raised medical premiums. Notice the pretax medical deduction is 198 dollars, last year it was 37.50 to cover my daughter and I. This was the first check of the year and our bi-weekly deduction has quintupled. 

One of the guys said, “They want you in Kaiser and not with the other groups!” Stephan, one of the managers quieted the group by saying, “Welcome to my hell… We have a lot of work so stop sulking and get out there.” Without fail, one of the Right Wing tools in the crew had to mention President Obama and the Affordable Care Act…

To add pain my paycheck, they raised our union dues by 20 dollars. The Feds and California took a lot out in taxes too, almost 4000 in taxes. Now that I will have a mortgage to deduct, I immediately changed my W-4 electronically. I think it’s a crime what The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is doing, they raised our premiums and we still are working without a contract. Oh well, this too will pass

One thought on “Now I’m Quite Cranky!

  1. The future lays ahead unknown, but the orange’s “reign” does not augur well for we ordinary folks.
    Perhaps, hopefully, something will be revealed that will stop his being sworn in on Jan 20th.

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