It’s Raining Trouble…

The devastation from the last rain storm hasn’t even been cleaned up yet and now more rain is said to be  on it’s way. Highway 37 is closed with no estimated time of opening up again. Three feet of water from a small creek that runs thru the town of Novato had inundated the roadway. Now Rob and I need to head east to Interstate 80 rather than taking the usual route down to work.

All around the county, grapevines are submerged and hay fields vast lakes. Management has told us the mandatory overtime will exist at least thru Wednesday, I’m beyond tired. Even the heavy weight overtime lovers are backing off out of physical exhaustion. At one point our work load was at 600 percent of normal. 

We are being forced to start at 7am and work to at least 8:30pm. The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company maybe paying us well but their suppliers are making a killing too. That one semi truck full of parts and things which shows up every third day is now coming everyday with another one behind it. People walk up to me constantly and say, “My phone is out. I tell them that we’re trying as hard as we can to fix everyone’s line.” That’s all I can say… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “It’s Raining Trouble…

  1. The next time somebody comes up to you and says “my phone is out,” say “so is mine.” LOL
    We all want miracles when our power or phones go out….that’s what happens when we become so reliant on these things. Nobody can function. Lord forbid, we have to go back to the pioneer days. I wonder how many of us would actually survive?
    Keep your cool…this too will pass. 🙂

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