Rescue Has Arrived…

After last week’s storms rolled thru, The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company has been inundated with a flood of trouble calls. In the Sierras, snow is piled up 30 feet and here, we are covered with mud and water. 

I’m beyond tired, they just told us 12 hour days until further notice even after the rescue troops from the Midwest showed up. In the Lake Tahoe area, they’re 2100 percent above the usual workload, here we’re only at 500 percent. 

The one good thing is we’ve received a temporary wage increase of 50 percent because us being forced to start three hours before our shift we are on time and a half the entire shift. Maybe at some point I can get my laundry done. Toonce is starting to wonder if I will ever see The Firewood Temple in the daylight and so do I… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Rescue Has Arrived…

  1. Wow that is some stress on those lines. Well as for your working all those hours… my grandfather was a farmer all his life and when we kids would get tired during haying season he would always say “We have to bale the hay and get it off the fields while the sun shines”. “Later we can relax and enjoy knowing it is done”. The older kids would be rather upset and worn out. As I was only 8 the year my grandfather sold the farm, all the time I spent on the farm I never had much to do except ride the tractors, play with the dog, and stay out of trouble. 🙂 Hugs

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