The Moron Award…

I’ve come to the conclusion most people are total morons. Today, I was sent to a job in the Oakland Hills where a tree had crashed down on our cables. The winds and the rainstorm had washed away the tree’s root structure and eroded the roadway. 

Oakland’s Finest had blocked off the road with signs stating, “Road Closed and  Washed Out Road.” Giant orange barriers were also placed at both ends of the road to prevent cars from passing thru. I barely made it up the hill and sure enough cars tried to follow me. I waved them to turn around and everyone of them looked at me in total bewilderment… this too will pass

6 thoughts on “The Moron Award…

  1. Can you say follow the leader. I know the rain is making a lot of work for you and your fellow crew people. However don’t you need water out there? I have been hearing for years that California is in a drought. Has your water situation become stable now? Be well. Hugs

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