Emfamil with HGH

Okay, maybe someone got the patent for this hopefully fictional device but I’m almost on my way to the patent office as I type this post. Now hear me out before you scoff it. My new product is a baby formula with human growth hormone.

 I can just hear the ad now playing, “You love your baby. They’re everything you’ve wanted but they’re just not growing muscle fast enough. Ask your doctor about Emfamil with HGG. For a baby and mommy who want to grow together.”

Of course our FDA will force them to disclose stupid side effects such as anger and hot tempers but look how strong your baby can become. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Emfamil with HGH

  1. I don’t know about tasers, but as kids we all use to prove how tough we were by grabbing the electric fence and seeing how long we could hold on. Yes true we were not the brightest of kids. Seems we would have figured out that something that kept the horses in would give us 7 – 9 yr olds a good jolt. Hugs


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