My Day In Pictures…

This poor soulmust have made some bad life choices or is mentally ill but what do I know. I can see being homeless but living in a doorway is way beyond being homeless. Is this Matt’s future? 

I helped Mr. Sexappeal Secapure run this wire across a busy street. The rain will return on Wednesday and it will no long be fun. 

I love watching the sun setting! This too will pass 

One thought on “My Day In Pictures…

  1. Please don’t torture yourself. While no one asks for a mental illness, no one can blame you for his condition. You did all you could. More so to help him. The fact is our country has really messed up on care of the mentally ill. Some people who have mild mental issues can function and get by, but our country has such a stigma against mental health issues is so strong it makes it hard to get federal and state support for assistance to help those who are suffering. It will only get worse I fear under the next administration. Be well. Hugs


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