Toonce’s Tail Tale…

The manager told us to turn on our IPads and directed us to an inappropriate website. I questioned him and he quickly said, “This is a site that should not be visited.” I realized this was a dream or it was Toonce making muffins on my leg that woke me up. I reached for my phone. I shouted out, “Five Thirty! **** I need to be at the bottom of the hill in 15 minutes!” 

Toonce didn’t understand why I jumped up yelling. I threw on my clothes and my boots. Accidentally I stepped on Toonce’s tail and he quickly reacted by screaming out in pain and clawing my leg. I kept saying, “I’m sorry Toonce! I’m sorry!” He meowed his tail pain or hunger pains. I told him to eat his cat krunchies.

I closed the door as I wished him a peaceful day and ran up the hill. As I got to the car I realized my keys were on the counter next to my wallet. I yelled out, “I don’t believe this!” Running back down the still damp gravel road, I nearly tripped on a stick. Toonce was waiting for me and meowed, “You forget something?” I again wished him a nice day. 

I ran again up the hill. It was right then that my phone rang. It was Rob telling me he had over slept too. This too will pass

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