31st and International

While Rob was stuck on finishing up a cable failure, I picked up a job in East Oakland. The ticket read, “Drop wires still not taken down after fire. Please remove so demolition can start. Access 24 hours.” I usually don’t work in this part of Oakland but I thought nothing about the job.

As I got closer to the location I realized, “My God this is where 36 people died in the fire at  The Ghost Ship. I pulled up to the intersection and was waved into the closed off street by the security guard. He came up to my truck, “You here to take down those cables. They’re going to level that hell hole tomorrow.” I replied, “Yeah. What a nightmare.”

I boomed up to the terminal on the pole and used my linesman pliers to cut down the melted cable. I had a chill in my spirit as I looked in the upper floor  burned out windows and saw a darkness I’ve never experienced in my life. As I returned back to the ground, I stood in silence and cried. I wiped my eyes and drove out and back to the garage. I saw into what once was an inferno and felt death… This too will pass

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