Talk Of “A Movement” Scares Me…

Three infamous men in recent history proclaimed a “movement” was taking over their countries. Mao, Stalin and Hitler all said in some way or another that they were going to bring about prosperity to their nations. Mao had millions killed in the name of his movement and so did those other two vile men. 

Fascism had arrived at America’s doorstep and guess what? The “easily led” let this latest soon to dictator in… Remember how I wrote earlier how Ivana Trump had said in a 1989 Vanity Fair interview how Donald J. Trump had a book of Adolf Hitler’s speeches on his nightstand. Might he had been preparing himself to get the simple minded masses going?

In the coming months things may appear to be just fine in this country of ours but soon, our civil rights will be taken from us. You might think I’m over the top but no one in 1933 thought twelve years later Germany would lay in ruins… Jobs may come but watch how unions and worker’s rights will be suspended in the name of “a movement.” God have mercy on our souls…  this too will pass

5 thoughts on “Talk Of “A Movement” Scares Me…

  1. I’m trying to keep my blog more a spiritual blog right now, but I did want to post this somewhere about this day. We are going to have four years of learning how to deal with and resist someone with a narcissistic personality disorder. It is quite sad, but I’m trying to keep a balance of disconnection and a readiness to work towards helping all the causes that matter to me. Good for you for continuing to talk about Trump…

    Here’s the post I’m not posting:-)

    I was triggered like most women who have been sexually assaulted. I was outraged that America elected a reality television show clown for the highest office. I believed those who voted for him did so out of ignorance, misinformation, immaturity, hatefulness, and sexism. However, I woke up chuckling in the middle of the night when Trump was elected. My soul saw this fiasco as a great big cosmic joke.

    Spiritual seekers and conspiracy theorists have a few things wrong. Trump is not my shadow. I have a different shadow I’ve befriended. We don’t have a planet called Nibiru barreling toward us. We don’t have an apocalypse around the corner, but we do have a man with a narcissistic personality disorder as our president. There is no denying that he is a petulant, childish, text-book narcissist, and we are all going to learn a lot about the narcissistic personality disorder in the next few years. He’s a good case study, and maybe we will even develop some compassion for him.

    There will come a time when he can no longer hide behind the truth that so many of us dislike him. A narcissist wants very badly to say the critics exaggerate and everyone is lying about him. A narcissist needs an adoring audience, but at some point he will not be able to deny how many people are underwhelmed by him. Being president will be a lonely, sad job at times, a job he will feel wholly and completely unqualified for. For the first time in his life, he will feel out of sorts and only truly in power when on the attack or exaggerating what little good he might be able to accomplish. It will seem as if we have a kindergartner trying to do a college graduate’s job, and the destruction, the embarrassment, the whole charade is just the chaotic clusterfuck we call life.

    I’m an enlightened fool. I see the ego trips of our new president and still find joy and laughter in SNL, my friendships, love, travel, great books, and my extraordinary, wonderful existence. Trump’s a clown with some power, but I’m a grown ass woman with some power of my own. I’m not going to back away from the causes I care about. I’m going to make my life even more wonderful despite Trump. I’m going to keep helping those I can help. I going to find new ways to help people. I’m going to laugh more.

    I’m not going to watch his inauguration, but I might watch some YouTube videos of all the performers who turned down an opportunity to perform for him. I will listen to what Marianne Williamson and a few Buddhist teachers say about his election because they are the only spiritual leaders I wholeheartedly agree with when it comes to the topic of Trump. I’m going to enjoy my Friday, and I hope you do as well.


  2. I agree with you. I also am worried about the actions of this new administration, and I am scared of the loss of civil rights we all face losing now. I am stunned by the fact that the nominees for every department and office want to destroy or are in opposition to the very tasks of that department or office. Why appoint someone who dislikes what a department does? Why appoint someone to an office they want eliminated? The reason for both is if you want disfunction and an ending to the services provided by the departments and offices provide. Sad but the government will now only be for helping the wealthy make a larger share of the public wealth. For the public there will be only sorrow and suffering. Welcome to the class system. Welcome to being peasants and serfs for the wealthy overlords. Hugs

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