Power To The People! Right On!

I’m so happy to see women and men are standing up to the new regime! He’s not my President, only a filthy rat would grab someone by their hoohaa. No real man does that. I guess there are women who won’t put up with The Orange Stalin. 

I really hope the indignation continues and we fight Trump at every turn. Ask yourself, “Knowing what we know now, would we had given Hitler a chance?” I won’t and I refuse to consider him a truly narcissist person who is devoid of a sense of caring. This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Power To The People! Right On!

  1. I am not sure he noticed my friend. He walked by empty viewing stands yesterday and couldn’t have missed them, yet today he tweeted how huge the crowds were and that the media was lying to embarrass him. He has a weird way of simply ignoring or not processing things he doesn’t want to. You are correct we must fight. We can not let him define his horrible actions as the normal way to act. He does things we all would punish our children for doing. No one would seriously advise their kids to act and speak like him. We can not let him define us as a people or as a country. Thank you for writing about this. We all need to stay strong, stay united, and keep resisting. Hugs

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  2. Oh and did you hear about his speech where he said we were going back to law and order. Those nice code words for police brutality and overreach. No more BLM, no more investigations into police abuses. No more worrying about prisoners rights and safety. Nope he will have a nice orderly authoritarian state that will follow his orders and crack down on any dissent. Look at what they did to the protesters before they got violent and started doing damage and violence. Look at that wack job Sheriff Clark, who had 6 deputy Sheriffs and two dog teams detain a man and question him in an airport before escorting him from the airport to his car. Why did Clark do this action, was the man a suspected criminal or terrorist. Nope the guy simply shook his head in a negative manner about a team sweatshirt Clark was wearing. Then Clark took to social media to threaten the man saying he could “punch him” anytime he wanted and did not need to wait for the guy to do something first. He then made another threat after that about if he wanted to harass the man the man wouldn’t be around to complain about it. Is that a death threat? From a Sheriff who is a big time tRump supporter and was considered for a high level job in the tRump administration. This is the way tRump and his people will handle any one or thing they think is not 100% supportive of them. Hugs

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