Sick and Working…

The rain keeps falling and we are being forced to work even harder. Monsoon conditions exist and there’s no end in sight… I have whatever Rob and the rest of the garage has, The Creeping Crud. Thankfully, I’m off starting Wednesday and flying out to close on the house on Thursday afternoon. I can’t wait to see Hunter and Family in a few days.  

Unfortunately, Toonce has stopped eating and I believe his days are numbered. He’s still as lovable as ever but he’s getting skinnier. He still likes to cuddle and lay next to me. On Wednesday morning I’m taking him to the resort with the instructions to give him peace should he decline rapidly while I’m gone. 

Is it illegal to gulp DayQuil in my company truck? It probably is but I wouldn’t be able to function without a chug from time to time. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Sick and Working…

  1. It sounds a bit like slave labor. Company doesn’t give a hoot about the physical well being of its employees?! Seems like that’s the case. “The end in sight” is your visit with Hunter, right? A brief respite with your grandson. How nice.

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