Protests and Marches…

Today was a great day, not because I again worked 12 hours but because I saw what happens when people have had enough of hate and divisive speech. 100,000 women, children and men marched peacefully in San Francisco while 35,000 did the same in Oakland and the Washington Rally numbered a half a million souls.

Who thought we would have a leader of this country that would boast of grabbing women? This is madness… If you or I did that, we would be standing in front of the judge begging for leniency. This moron, and I’ll say moron, is so in love with himself that he thinks he’s God’s gift to the opposite sex. 

They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned, what will The Orange One do as Washington D.C burns. His newest talking parrot, Sean Spicer, scolded the press for doctored pictures of the crowds at King Trump’s coronation. Trump physically makes me sick. 

I’m sure I’ve lost a lot of blog readers for my hate of Trump, I couldn’t care less. If you were stupid enough to vote for that guy, well I’ll let you go on your way, your crayons and coloring books are waiting. Mark my words, this isn’t going to end well… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Protests and Marches…

  1. I agree. He just doesn’t think he is god’s gift to the opposite sex, he thinks he is god’s gift to the entire world. He is so ego driven he first drove by, then walked right along next to, nearly empty bleachers then tweeted out the lack of people there was due to picture manipulation. He can not conceive of himself being wrong. If he is forced to deal with something not going the way he wants it is always someone else’s fault, never his. His people like him have decided they can simply deny reality and force the entire country to give in to their view. They believe they can force everyone to be wrong about everything even when we are correct and they are clearly lying. It will be used to take away all responsibility for them to keep promises and rights of the people. Just as tRumps simply refused to accept historical norms in society, the administration will simply keep denying everything we have proof of them doing. I am going out of my mind with all of this. Hugs

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