A Summer Place…

This morning my Apple Music Station played Percy Faith’s rendition to the score of A Summer Place. I know most people haven’t clue what movie I’m talking about. It had Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue in it as teen lovers and Dorethy McGuire and Richard Egan as their respective parents. Yes, I’m dating myself but it truly is a great film…

In 1959 it was cutting edge, now it’s totally dated. Dorethy McGuire plays a crow of a mother who hates men, herself and the world. Richard Egan tries to reason with Sandra’s mom about young love but that ends when her daughter is caught in a compromising position… Of course back then, everything was unsaid. 

Today as I was working I saw a couple hold hands and giggling, I knew they were in love. Last night,  Toonce jumped up next to me. I quietly said to him, “Mr. Toonce, we don’t talk the way we used to talk.” He meowed. I replied, “I know it’s all the long hours I’ve been working!” He meowed. I replied, “I’m not seeing anyone else. I did when I was young and I did appreciate what I had. We’ll talk about it later.”  I really don’t think I’ve had enough sleep… this too will pass

4 thoughts on “A Summer Place…

  1. While I don’t know the song nor the movie, I did think you would like this cat story. This morning as I slept my cat Milo got up next to me, rested his head on my pillow and stuck his two front paws over my face under my nose and rested them there. I woke up snorting cat fur. He was not impressed I moved away from his feet. Hugs

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