The Dreaded Notice…

I opened my post office box and there it was, that single orange card that would put the fear of God in anyone. The sender was California’s Franchise Tax Board telling me to pick up a certified letter. I could only envision the financial problems about to start and for the life of me I couldn’t remember tax attorney Steven Moskowitz’s catchy 888 number after hearing it over and over on the radio…

At some point I knew I would need to explain where all the money I had had gone to. Who would believe me? After going to the credit union to wire the final portion of the down payment and closing costs for the house, I drove to the post office to accept my fate. The woman behind the counter said, “The Franchise Tax people want you to sign for it.” I smiled and said, “They like me I guess.”

I didn’t wait to open it, a bullet to the brain is quick and relatively painless. There it was, a notice saying that I only owed 700 dollars from my 2014 taxes and they wanted it in 60 days. I laughed out loud in the quiet post office. They are getting three hundred from me so the whole certified letter was pointless… this too will pass

3 thoughts on “The Dreaded Notice…

  1. Are you saying you owe the state tax board 700 dollars? Watch out for fees. They design those beasties to be hard to pay off and they rack up quick. I know people who ended up owing a huge amount from a bill for a small amount. Be well. Hugs

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