Matthew Matthew Matthew…

With the purchase of the house in Clifton New Jersey, I’ve been on pins and needles. Over the years I’ve bought and sold a few houses but this one seemed to have been especially hard with the new financial restrictions after the real estate bubble burst. So when I heard from Matt’s mom, “I have news about Matthew.” I took a deep breath and expected the worse…

If you are interested, Google George Bailey Detention Center Fight. The article stated, “A fight broke out in the day room. Three inmates were taken to the hospital for serious injuries.” Matthew was one of the three and no wonder we hadn’t heard from him in weeks. He’s now in ad seg per his request. 

Matt’s mom is a bag of nerves and just mentioning his name puts a tear in my eye. The good news is, she heard from his parole officer and even the officer thinks he’s a good person who is mentally ill and with help can get better. The officer is going to get him in a rehabilitation facility and out of general population… There might be light at the end of the tunnel. This too will pass

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