The Death Watch…

As the clock ticks down to 8:30am tomorrow morning, I lay here with out right sadness and fear in my heart. I know it will be painless but still my friend is going to die tomorrow morning. He hasn’t eaten in days so there won’t even be a final yums requested. My friend’s fur seems to even be spiked due to the lack of food and water. 

I pet him and say with all caring, “You’re the best cat that ever was!” He purrs but maybe it’s the mass in his lung that is making him purr, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor… My furry friend just lays there and waits for something yet he doesn’t know what that something is. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to give the animal hospital receptionist a signed blank check and tell them to fill in the numbers. I can’t be there when they do the procedure. What a great cat he is. When I had the house in Penngrove, he would wait in the darkness for me and until the rains hit here, he would do the same here. God have mercy on our souls… Oh this too better pass

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