Doing Son and Father Things…

It only took 20 years for Chris and I to do father/son things together. Thankfully, I’m 2250 miles away from the Weat Coast for I feel broken after losing my friend. He was a great cat…

I will return back to The Firewood Temple this Sunday and throw out his litter box and bowls… I can barely handle doing that. I will now continue working 12 and fourteen hour days to keep my mind off of Mr. Tooncie Booncie…

Enough of this talk, I have tears in my eyes just writing these few words. Chris and I are painting the inside of the house and when I return next Sunday, I’ll finish painting the place. How I miss my friend’s furry face… this too will pass

6 thoughts on “Doing Son and Father Things…

  1. I am sorry for your loss. They say time heals all wounds. In time the pain should decrease and you will always have the best memories of your friend. Glad to see you are getting to do what is important to you. Good family is a grand gift. Hugs


  2. The Father-Son working together surely is a nice feeling, and that kitchen looks like a spacious room to cook savoring delights for the family. When you return to your own pad on Sunday, grief will meet you once again and there’s no turning away from it no matter how much ‘work’ you do, Juan. Of course, you know that. Grief will demand attention and just simply give it its due. Mourning is a natural part of our lives, isn’t it? It in itself can be healing.

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