Hunter’s New Home…

California is so different than  Jersey, I walked into a family run hardware store looking for ceiling paint and walked out with a snow shovel and this stuff you sprinkle on your driveway and it melts the ice. Winter is no time to be here, all day the news people were saying we were having “a warm January” and there I was freezing.

Today’s activities took my mind off my four legged friend. I just can’t write about him without getting tears in my eyes. He was a loyal friend who actually cared about me as much as a cat could. this too will pass

3 thoughts on “Hunter’s New Home…

  1. I think cats and animals love us more than humans ever could. They don’t make judgements and their love is from the heart and encompasses their entire being. They love and that’s it. No expectations, demands, just unconditional love. It’s the purest form of love there is and that’s why the pain is so terrible.

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