8640 Minutes Till I See His Face…

Hunter’s smiling face is the only thing that gives me any joy lately and now I get to go back to a dark RV out in the woods… Mr. Toonce lived to fourteen years old and he lived a happy life. He really was never sick, unless you count the time he got songbird fever with that weird cough. Oh he did get bit by that bad dog and chased up the tree at the RV park but other than that, his life was uneventful…

He used to smile at every joke I made; wait cats always look as if they are smiling… When M. and Tashi broke down upon hearing of Toonce’s passing by phone, Pippi Toonce’s sister, looked quite sad 45 miles to the south. Pippi his wire tailed sister came from the same litter. If it hadn’t been for M., they both would have been sent to the SPCA thirteen years ago.

It was Tashi who came up with Tooncie Booncie Baby Boo Boos when she was young. I believe it came from an early episode of Spongebob Squarepants… The thing was, he was good natured unless you were a bird. The incident with Blake The Rooster turned him into a bird killing machine.

Tooncie put his paw into Blake’s cage and found out roosters bite. From then on he stayed clear of bigger birds and went after smaller distant bird cousins… Well, it’s almost time to board. This too will pass

8 thoughts on “8640 Minutes Till I See His Face…

      • It should be. I don’t fly. My last flight was home from Germany as I was getting out of the Army. I had an inner ear problem and my head malfunctions if I fly. Incredible pain and I could go deaf. Not worth it. Do not know if I still have that problem but won’t take the chance. Ron loves to fly but hates all the rigmarole that you have to go through. He gets so upset with airports and airlines. Hugs


  1. He had a wonderful life. Robustly healthy and sort of uneventful… how about the time you drove him back from the old house and he bolted and disappeared, scaring everyone? And the time he was chased by a mountain lion and you opened the door just in time?

    Have a safe and comfortable flight back. Be demanding and let everyone bring you treats. 🙂

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